How do you outrun something that’s designed to follow you everywhere?

The way targeted ads work, is that they collect information on stuff you are interested in — they define your interest by what you search, and what you are doing and letting companies target adverts to people that are interested in things relevant to their product or service.

But sometimes…

Here’s a fun story for freelance beginners.

I first got into the freelancing world in 2012. I was in my diploma year. Broke, naive and living off my savings and parents’ money. So I decided to give freelancing a try to make extra cash. I told everyone I knew what I could do for them remotely and…

You’ve sent tons of emails, Twitter and LinkedIn DMs. But you rarely get a response. And even when they reply to your email or message, they don’t still close. In this workshop, I’d take out your headache…

If you ever want to get people to respond to your cold message or email, you must not be cold.

Cold email or message shouldn’t be cold .

So here’s how to take the headache out of writing cold emails that inspire people to respond.

The first thing that stands…

Abimbola Lolade

Writing easy to understand and brutally honest articles on Marketing. Also adept at forming informed, and at times unwanted, opinions on almost everything.

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