How to get your happiest customers to work for you for free

Get your happiest customers to work for you for free. The new marketing is based on trust.

People ignore sponsored posts.

People skip YouTube ads.

Like viruses, we grew resistant. From

Like viruses, we grew resistant.

It’s hard work finding new customers and convincing them to buy from you. But have you considered that your existing customers could be doing some of the heavy lifting for you?

From time to time, some of your existing customers have probably referred people to you.

Those people have a good impression of your company because they’ve been referred by someone they know and trust.

People are strongly influenced by the opinions of their family members, friends, and colleagues.

Think about it — are you more likely to buy a product because the company that makes the product tells you it’s great, or because your friend tells you it’s great?

Not only will your existing customers bring in new business for you, they can help to influence potential customers to buy from you.

Existing customers can become some of the best advocates you’ll ever get. Ambitious business owners have referral schemes, and so should you.

A referral scheme is one of the top marketing methods of all time, and if done well, it is a powerful tool for bringing in new business.

It’s also low-cost. Even if you have a monetary incentive for referrers, it’ll only be paid after a successful sale, which is good news for your cash flow.

It’s important to understand what your customers will really value and what would encourage them to refer people to you.

How do you find those customers who will advocate for your product? It’s quite simple.

Create unique brand experience. Brand association is created through User’s Experience.

What people will associate your business or remember you for, behooves on the experience they got after coming in contact with you, your product or service.

People can forget what you tell them, but they can’t forget how you make them feel.

So for you to thrive and stay in business, you need to pay attention to the your audience.

The impression they get about you is what they’ll tell others.

What will make me go to get a bottle of coke is as a result of my initial experience.

What will make a client come back to you and also refer someone to you would be determined by the experience, he or she once had with you.

Get in control.

Stop knocking on close doors.

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