Let me first tell you my Lagos experience.

I have lived in Lagos and I believe y’all would agree with me that Lagos is for the rich folks and people with fat salary -if you actually want to live and not just exist though.

Lagos is a giant, crowded, chaotic city. The general craziness will intimidate you.

There is no public peace and quiet. There’s always general sense of tension and rush.

I remember the day I was at Ojodu Berger Motor Park to join a bus going to Abeokuta. While we were waiting for the bus to arrive, a guy who would just ended a phone conversation couldn’t find his phone. In just a sec, his phone was no where to be found. You know what he did? He just laughed and said "Mehn... This Lagos enh, all of us go hear am oh". I was, just like that. Now, imagine i was the one this happened to…how would I be able to reach out to the people I was going to meet in Abeokuta. Mehn, I held on to my phone like 1 million boys had already informed me of their coming.

In Lagos, going from point A to point B within the city is a big deal, takes unbelievable amount of time. If you’re using public transport, you have to switch a lot of rides until you can get where you want to.

Living like that everyday, is unbearable.

I don’t know how people do it.

People in Lagos has a distorted, different perception of time from the rest of the world.

Each time I visit Lagos to close a business deal or visit a friend, I can’t wait to return back to my city. It’s an exhausting place.

In Lagos, traffic is congested. You can even walk faster than car there. Mass or public transit is another story. It is better to call it “mess transit”. Also an average person goes to work by taking 2 vehicles, sometimes 3.

Talking about night, nights are not safe in Lagos.

Touristic and Rich folk zones are good, but life is difficult for a usual person lives in larger sections of the city.

So, If you’re used to comfort, and you don’t have enough money think three times before moving to Lagos. You’ll need at least a reasonable amount of money to live a comfortable life, (and it won’t be comfy that much even if you have money).

People are sad and wild sometimes and the are largely insincere in strange ways.

Now, let's talk about IBADAN.

When it comes to accommodation, Ibadan is a very accommodating city with accommodating people. Unlike other states, Ibadan is accommodating, friendly and understanding to a reasonable extent.

Cluster of people and unruly arrangement of shops will make you fall in love with the city again. What do I mean by cluster of people? You see people in groups. Those walking together and those talking. When it comes to eating good food with little or less money, Ibadan is rated #1. A white man once said “ don't tell me you people planted those trees. If yes, your government is really trying”. Then I said no, the trees grown on it own. He was marveled.

On a daily, we see lots of complaints and condemnations of Ibadan her "brown roofs” and her people heavily accented English. Some dirty Lagos ladies would even call Ibadan women, dirty. Lol.

You know Ibadan is an ancient city. Yet, you’ll find it odd that there are so many dilapidated buildings right in the heart of town.

The reason why many people say so many uninteresting about the city can be traced to the fact that they love the city.

They won’t admit it actually.

The fact that you'll find yourself falling in love with all that ancientness -if such a word exists. The fact that you'll see rugged beauty in the unending field of dusty brown roofs. The fact that every you turn, you'll see something to always remember. Ibadan, in her entirety and with her gray hairs, is an odd beautiful city.

So, what advice would I give to someone who's looking to move to Ibadan?

  • The food scene is endlessly awesome.

A friend who's a fat chick at heart recently moved to Ibadan and the first place she would visited was Amala Skye. She has been hearing people talk about the strong connection that exists between Amala Skye and one's stomach. Since then she's never eaten Amala from another place! Skye is her plug!!!!

So here in Ibadan, food is to die for, almost everywhere. The flavors of Ibadan will always delight you and keep your list of favorite restaurants growing. Enjoy the food - Amala & Ewedu with Gbegiri and ogunfe. You can't go wrong with that food anytime of the day. Good places to eat and shop, that are not corporate chains.

  • Haggle, haggle, haggle.

From transportation fare to buying beef and pepper in the open market, always haggle. The first price is just the asking price. If a small tiny tray of tomatoes is 100NGN, tell the seller you want to take 3 trays for 250NGN. Trust me, she’d sell it to you. Consumables are quite ridiculously cheap.

  • Ibadan has a very strong Yoruba culture.

It is amazingly diverse and extensive in cultures and demographics. Ibadan would be one of the only few States that possess so diverse landscape and cultures. It is a paradise! But, be very courteous to people, especially old people.

Respect is important to Yorubas. People actually want to live here, and it welcomes everyone. It's great to live somewhere that people dream about moving. It means that you often meet people who came here to be who they always wanted to be.

My home peeps! Old Ajorosun have a certain live and let live attitude. There is very little racial tension, particularly between life time residents. The natives tend to be liberal, and easy going by nature. This place makes you change and get more adaptable. People quakes, too.

Also, Ibadan is full of friendly people from all around the country, of various religious beliefs and from all around the globe. Probably you will never meet friendlier / more helpful people in any other city across Nigeria or probably world.

  • Very good public safety

Ibadan few big cities in Nigeria where you can walk alone on the streets at midnight and not worrying too much about robbery, murder or rape.

I’m not saying people are are not getting robbed or murdered, but it’s extremely low. Not popular.

  • Public transportation.

If you are used to the fast-paced life that exists in Lagos…..

… need to slow down here.

No one rushes here. When you want to board a taxi or a bus, usually, drivers will stop for you. Your life expectancy is increased when you live here.

Roads are well connected that you need just a bus to reach your destination. You sure have heard of Ibadan old rickety buses? That I’m not proud of... But they operate within densely populated area of Ibadan. The people braveness to sit in them would surprise you. 😂 Buses you’ll not find in any other city (to my own knowledge). Buses that will likely tear your clothes. Buses that have long lost their road worthiness.

Buses that dance along the old dusty roads with the same grace an old frail man walks along with his stick. This is actually one for the things that the state government need to work on. They need to replace the buses with road worthy public buses.

  • Low level living expense if you don’t buy or own an apartment.

In Ibadan, rent is relatively low in relation to earnings. You can get a single room for as low as N500 monthly.

You will get a well furnished 2-bedroom apartment in a serene environment and estates for as low as N100k.

In relation to what you earn monthly, you’d always be able to afford house rent in Ibadan. The living environment is pretty good in some area of the cities.

  • The beautiful part of the city.

The great views, the access to nature, the great architecture, the interesting, free-thinking people, the cross-cultural life, the multicultural life, the beautiful exotic sexy international people, the openness and acceptance of every kind of person, the freedom of expression, the forward-thinkers, the early adopters, the incubators.

Go to Oke Sapati. Go to university of Ibadan, Amala Joint, Coco Mall, Cocoa House, Palms Mall, You’d be amazed. I remembered visiting Bower’s Tower before. This is over 60 feet tall tower, very close to Bere. It’s situated on the hill top of Oke Are in Igbo Agala (Agala forest) area of Ibadan. It has about 47 spiral staircases which enables you to have a view of some parts of the city like, University College Hospital (UCH), University of Ibadan, Cocoa House , Dugbe Market , Agodi Gardens , Iwo Road, Ife Road, Olorunsogo and the defunct Lagos/ Ibadan Toll Gate. Mehn. 💃

Cocoa House Aerial View

Bower’s Tower, Ibadan.

If you are coming from a place with a more uncomfortable lifestyle, it would be specially harder for you to leave Ibadan.

As you can see, you probably could survive in Ibadan on minimum wage, by yourself. And your life would be so great. Whether this counts as 'reasonable' for you, is up to you to decide.

I know a pepper seller who owns more than 10 residential apartments in the city. Same thing with Akara seller. They are living wonderfully fine. So, IBADAN is a place you can explore possibilities and opportunities. It’s all about mindset. And read this with open mind.

IBADAN is easily the greatest city in the world. You can live frugally and stay out debt.

What do you think?

I’d like to know!

Thank you for reading. Please share & clap if you enjoyed this, and follow me to read more of my work , and I’d be sharing article on content creation on Saturday. Don’t miss out!



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