Perception Marketing: How Dare and his mum blew up a multi-million dollar opportunity by not having a car

Oga dem no use car come, na waka dem waka come.

You need to see the expression on this man’s face.

Are you convinced in what you're selling? Can you buy what you want to sell at the price you're selling?

If you were the customer do you see it as a good deal?

Do you know the name of the phone you want to buy? This is an iPhone 8, that’s the next to all the iPhone X series and there’s really no difference between an iPhone 11 and an iPhone X too.

Also do you know that when I bought it the price difference between this and this is almost the same and I just want to sell it because I want to buy a bigger one.

Brother, it is an iPhone we are talking about oh. Or someone is very sick and I want to raise funds.

All what the seller has just done was to boost your perception of them and the phone.

So, how do you build perception as an individual or a seller?

  • With Words.
  • Create a Price Catalog.
  • Use good pictures.
  • Lastly, build your self-esteem.



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Abimbola Lolade

Abimbola Lolade

Brutally honest articles on Marketing and Writing.