Sell more lingerie with these (5) zero-budget marketing ideas and strategies.

RIHANNA, my cursh
I love how Rihanna is thick these days!!!!!!!
  • Reach out to newly married women/couples
This one no be married guy sha.
  • Reach out to your influential friends to amplify your ACTION content
  • Single people are also your target audience
  • Embrace Size inclusivity
  • Separation of “Petite”, “Tall” and “Plus Size” clothing from “Standard”-fitting clothing — both online and in-store.
  • A much more limited range of styles and collections, representing the “Non-Standard” sizing.
  • Inconsistencies in same sizing, across different brands and stores. Why is it that a women’s size 12 at one retailer, is different to that, at another?
  • The choice of online model photography, which often tends to favor portraying women with slimmer figures and men with a more muscular build.
  • Oga, do giveaway
  • Capitalize on existing moments



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Abimbola Lolade

Abimbola Lolade

Brutally honest articles on Marketing and Writing.