Writing can happen anywhere — just not in the office

I can’t comma kill myself

Ore Afolayan: Waking up before dawn doesn’t come naturally. But there’s something magical about a dining room table at 1 a.m.

Ore Afolayan (Mr Miyagi of Marketing) — Strategist, writer.

Seun Odegbami: Washing plates does it for me.

Seun Odegbami — Storyteller

Notiki Bello: Doing “low thought stuff” for inspiration isn’t a luxury this industry affords to its creative teams.

Nauteeq Bello — copywriter

Harri Obi: When I’m stuck, I question-storm with my super strategy friends. And I also use creative referencing to birth new ideas.

Harri Obi — Strategist

Amy: I get ideas anywhere, as long as I have a notepad and pen.

Amy — The rich ad girl

Toyosi Godwin: I don’t wait for inspiration anymore.

Toyosi is a team lead at the Writing Colony. And at this stage of his career, he doesn’t wait for inspiration anymore. He writes first, inspiration follows.

Kalu Othy: My thoughts come when I’m watching anime or listening to music. But I have made it a habit to make sure I document those thoughts.

Okay, what about me?

To be clear:

You don’t need to be in the office to be productive. You don’t need to be on Slack to be productive. You don’t need to be in a meeting to be productive. You don’t need to be staring at your laptop to be productive.

You’ve read about where some of these writers/creatives like to work. Now, Where do you usually get your best ideas?

While taking a shower? In the pool? While stuck in a queue or traffic? Stare down at the lap empty Google Doc and see what happens?…



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Abimbola Lolade

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