For that, you must understand the thought process of your customers. You must use your users or target audience intent in your product and service marketing. But, how will you know this? You will only get to know when you’re done reading this piece of shit. 😣

If you are a movie person like me, and probably a fan of action movies, you are probably familiar with a scene where a bomb expert is trying to disarm a bomb and there are cables of many colors; a blue one, a green one, and a red one, and you need to cut off one for bomb to be disarmed. This quite vividly illustrates the situation of many brands as regards digital media.

So, a good strategy is the same as defusing a bomb; everyone is happy with the eventual outcome and celebrates a victory. But if the social media position is not ideal, this equals to an explosion and your brand becomes the main victim.

The social media world is expected to thrive magnanimously as we fight coronavirus pandemic across communities globally, brands have also taken use of the media space to appeal to their offline presence of their teeming online fans. Now, the tide is gradually shifting to make a level ground, entrepreneurship is being with driving force being the internet.

So, here’s how to get your own share of the Digital Wealth.

Many lessons learned during the time of Faxes are totally irrelevant in this information age. They have become obsolete. Now, we sell our products on social media platforms and connect with people locally and globally. It’s truly fantastic, but one of the greatest difficulties entrepreneurs face is to create social media placement to help them with the image of their company and sell more of their products and services.

But before you create any content, you need to have answered some questions.

Questions like:

  • Why am I creating this content? This is the very first question you need answer. You won’t just write a content because you feel like writing, no! You write because there’s a need for it. So, for every content you want to create, there should be a goal attached to it. Maybe to engage more with your followers, to increase your online followers, to sell a product, to increase revenue with a certain percentage.

This goal must be a smart goal. Smart Goal is an integral part of your content creation process that must not be overlooked.

So, what’s smart goal?

SMART GOAL. Is important than MONEY.

S is your goal specific? You want to start selling smoked catfish.

M can it be measurable? I have no idea except you tell me. How will you track your progress?

A achievable? What are the steps to be followed towards a realistic goal?

R is it relevant to you and your interest? To you, yes. To your interest, I don't know.

T is your goal time based? When do you went to achieve your goal?

The “S" in smart represents SPECIFIC. Is your goal specific? What exactly are you looking to achieve with this content you want to spend time creating?

The “M” represents measurable. Your goal must be a one that you can measure. How will you track your progress?

The “A” represents achievable. What are the steps to be followed towards a realistic goal?

The “R” represents Relevant. Is your goal relevant to you and your interest? To you, maybe yes. To your interest, I don’t know.

And the “T” in smart represents Time. Is your goal time based? When do you want to achieve your goal?

  • Think of content creation as a meal preparation. As a chef who is in business, you have your reason for making that meal right?

That reason is your GOAL! For every content you make, there should be a goal attached to it. Now in setting goals, ensure that you are setting SMART GOALS

Now to our analogy, as a chef,
You intend to grow your business by 30% in two month’s time.

This is an example of a SMART goal
This goal is Specific- to grow your business

Is this achievable? Yes Is this goal relevant? YES because that's why I'm in business

Is this goal time based? Yes. I have set a time span for it

It is important that for whatever it is you do as a business, your goals be spelt out so you can track it.

  • Now that your goal is defined, the next thing to sort out is your buyer persona

Your buyer persona is your target audience. Who is that specific person you intend to address? Not a range, but who? You can’t knowing without researching.

Is it Lolade that eats out on a daily because of his busy lifestyle?

When you’ve come up with who exactly you intend to address, then you ask yourself indeed questions that may be in the minds of your persona.

You want to turn cold readers into paying customers? Then you need to know what will do the trick. Research. Research. And research.

There is a particular FM station the whole world tunes into. I call it WII-FM. It simply means "What Is In For ME".

At the very core, we all feel a powerful desire for the same things ranging from Happiness, Love, Good Pals, Money, to making profit and any other thing you could think of. Like you, you only listen to a random person & willingly give them your money or time when they give back. When they give you something you crave in return.

As a copywriter, I can you that all successful copy, content, marketing and sales stems from the same understanding. In Neolithic and paleolithic era, people practice trade by barter, but the sad truth we still practice trade by barter. PEOPLE WILL GIVE YOU MONEY OR TAKE YOUR DESIRED ACTION AFTER YOU HAVE DELIGHT THEM.

If you receive a sales letter, or you read copy or content, when you realize that there’s nothing in it for you, what do you do? You definitely PASS. Just like you unconsciously and conscientiously do to other people. Just like you always leave relationships that the onus is one-sided.

This is why I am always in research mode. It is why before I do any copy-writing or content writing for businesses, I spend 95% of my time researching. Looking for my target audience pain points and what they crave for.

Looking for what they love and what they will feel is a nice and good barter for their money and time. Sales starts with the consumer and ends with the consumer. And when it comes to the open online market, people will experience your online resources — content, copy, infographic and all...before they experience your product or service.

So, If you want to sell more of your products and services, engage more with your existing customers, generate leads and new customers, create brand awareness, create new users for products, generate more revenue and make more profit using riveting and converting through the online marketing, you do that with your CONTENT or COPY.

One of the ways to profile your buyer persona is to get intimate with your visitors, leads, and customers — you need to know them like you know an old friend. You should be aware of their obstacles, their pain points, their challenges, and fears. Similarly, you should understand their best possible outcome, their dream solution, and their biggest fantasies. Always remember that you are marketing to humans that want to feel connected.

Now that we’ve addressed your target audience wants and needs, you need to know where they spend time and how they want their content.

You don’t necessarily have to be on all social media. You just need to be on platforms where your specific audience spends time.

There are two basic routes through which people follow to interact on the internet.

They either do this via search (google search engine, bing...)

For example.

When people are looking for information, they go to google to search and find.

Howbeit they want a product, they most likely go to Instagram or Facebook and visit the account of that product.

So if your content is basically just an information.

Use Google search as your platform by writing blogs, creating YouTube videos, writing on Medium, writing on Quora. Etc

But if it’s an already made product set for consumption.

Use social media to put up posts about it.

Also, know their content choice. Busy won’t have time watching videos or reading lengthy posts but they could easily listen to audio anywhere and everywhere. Just like they listen to music.

Use Audio for your audience that is busy all day.

Like 9-5 workers or those would be stuck in traffic while returning from work.

Hope we are seeing the different contexts to use them?

Use videos for your audience that likes to see how that product works or when you to teach teach them how to use a product. And if you’re a comedian or write content for a comedian, this is the most apt way to have your message passed to your audience.

Now magic is when a well researched content hits the right/specified audience. 😊

Never forget that.

When you have your content or copy ready, distribute it. Distribute it to where you target audience spends time and use analytical tools to measure how they interact with whatever you have shared. This is arm you with needed insights into what works and what doesn’t and what you need to focus more on.

Then, manage your content. Be human. Don’t make social media platforms a burial ground where you just bury your content. Interact with your followers, it builds trust. Address objections and respond to questions about your products or services. If you keep your online content alive, your busy will stay alive, actively.

When You Have Nothing Speaking For Your Business or your Personal Brand on Digital Media, Do Not Expect Any Share of The Digital Wealth.

As you work assiduously in creating your content for digital media, be extremely careful to not lose sight of your brand message. As social media tends to be a more casual place to get our message out there in this digital world, it is more important than ever for you to be consistent. Let people know what you do. Do not confuse your audience, and be socially concise, honest, and respect opinions. What does your brand represent? How do you treat your clients? Do you deliver timely? What problems are your solving? You are your brand, and social media network is a circle you either want to market or leverage on. It will always guide you in any thing you do in life.

See ya later!

I share value-adding digital media resources and tips. If you gained value from the article, don’t forget to clap and follow me for more practicable tips.

I will appreciate your critical comments.



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